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How YOU can benefit from hypnosis

People often ask Jerome Masek "What can hypnosis be used for?" That list would be far too long. Instead, Jerome offers this list of issues clients have sought help with, from 2005-2021.


Reduce, control or eliminate STRESS from financial issues, health concerns, divorce, work issues.

Reduce, manage or eliminate negative practices, such as anger, alcohol, gambling, using nicotine, binge eating, sugar, soft drinks, viewing pornography for hours.

Improve personal and social skills. Become a better public speaker, build better relationships, develop more self-confidence, be more open to new relationships, learn to trust others, improve organization.
Improve personal health, in areas such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia (sp), headaches, IBS and stomach issues, pain, sleep, stuttering, surgery preparation, throat and swallowing issues.
The mind controls the body. Get rid of old baggage, better mental training for marathon runners, achieve a deeper state for meditation, be a more aggressive soccer player ("own the field"). Be more motivated to exercise regularly. Think positive. Focus on success.
Overcome fears: driving on interstates, flying

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