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Hypnosis News (April 2021


We’re back!: This is our first newsletter in more than a year. Despite the pandemic, we’ve been active, re-tooling our business. Now, as the nation starts to re-build, we are READY. Here’s good news for all of us.

HOURS: Whether you want a session in-person or via Zoom, our hours are the same: 
Monday-Saturday, 10 am-noon, 1-5 pm and 7-9 pm.

Zoom sessions: We have embraced this technology. Experience hypnosis from the comfort of your favorite chair, and receive a recording of the session, for you to listen to at home. This gives you DAILY reinforcement to help you change your habits. We accept PayPal.

Zoom sessions USE.jpg

Yes, Zoom sessions really work.

  • Karl from Columbus has lost 17 pounds in 10 weeks. He made simple adjustments to his daily schedule that give him more energy and better sleep. His goal is to drop 60 pounds, and he knows he will reach his goal.

  • Katherine from Connecticut is between jobs. She uses that downtime to improve herself -- resolve health issues, increase her confidence, and become a better public speaker. When she lands a new job, she will definitely be a stronger asset for her employer. Now, she knows how to better handle stress, and it is no longer an issue in her life.

1-on-1 hypnosis: In 2015, I was trained by the National Guild of Hypnotists. Since then, I have worked in 2,300 unique client sessions. I see clients by appointment, at West Park Massotherapy,

 near Kamm's Corners in West Park. Directions to my office.

  • A client said after his session: “It was like a mental tune-up. I feel amazing and rejuvenated, renewed in spirit…calm, cool and collected…I know my best days are ahead of me.”

Event Appearances:

Plan B: If I am not available for any reason, contact Paul DiFranco. He is experienced, trained, and shares my views on hypnosis. We are independent; he does not work for me.

In closing...

Every day in every way, YOU are getting better and better.

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