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Comedy Hypnotist entertains at Cuyahoga County Fair


    Comedy hypnotist David Anthony performs daily Aug. 9-14, in the Olde Barn Pavilion at the Cuyahoga County Fair.  He plans to perform one magic show and one hypnosis show each day. Shows are free with fair admission; audience participation is encouraged.  I have seen him perform before, and I highly recommend him. The shows are G-rated, and great family entertainment.
    The Fairgrounds, 19201 Bagley Road, are on the Berea-Middleburg Heights border. For more info, go here.  Through Aug. 7, a woman hypnotist entertains daily at the daily at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus. More info.

Spiral Stairs

Walk down the stairs with me

    One in a series of visualizations.
    Sit back and close your eyes. We are walking down a set of 10 steps together. You are safe. Each step helps you relax more and more.
    10, You are on the top step, feeling fine, feeling wonderful, completely relaxed in every way.
    9, Your body is sinking into the chair so much, you cannot tell where the chair ends and the body begins
    8, Feeling wave after wave of beautiful relaxation washing over your body.
    7, Every step you take brings you into a deeper level of complete and total relaxation.
    6, Your legs, feet and toes are feeling loose and limp and warm and heavy.
    5, Relax your stomach, chest and back. Breathe deep and sleeeep.
    4, Your shoulders, arms, hands and fingers are feeling loose and limp and warm and heavy.
    3, Inhale and smell the flowers by the steps, tulips, roses and daffodils.
    2, You feel sooo good. Going deeper and deeper and deeper.
    1, You are peaceful and relaxed. Good night. Sleep well.


Happy anniversary, to me!

    On Sunday, Aug. 14, I mark the 17th anniversary of being certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists. I have worked in more than 2,400 client sessions, and am always looking for ways to improve. In the year that ended Aug. 1, I earned more than 30 CEUs. I look forward to meeting you.
    Schedule an appointment with me that day, and I promise you, a special surprise!


Come fly with me!

    Is a fear of flying keeping you from the vacation of your dreams? Go ahead, book your flight, and then book an appointment with me. I recently sent a senior citizen to Paris, and later this month, a different client is headed for Ireland.
    Maybe I should bring a shamrock to that session.


Are you eating healthy? Want some help?

Book an appointment soon


    Take some "me" time this summer. Forget the "go-go-go" schedule. Sit quietly for at least a few minutes every day, and imagine the kind of life you want to live. Then, take steps to start living it.
    Book an appointment with me. "My goal is to help you reach your goal." But what is your goal? What one thing can you do that will greatly improve the quality of your life? Let's work on it together.
    Pick a time in your life when you were really healthy, happy and in shape. Would you like to be that age again? Yes, we can go there. In essence, you will be your own role model. "Your mind controls your body." If you want to be 22 again, let's get started.
    HOURS: With offices in West Park and Rocky River, I am available for in-person or Zoom appointments days, evenings and weekends. Let me know what time is best for you. I look forward to it.

    Great news! Earth Fare, a health food supermarket, has re-opened at 3450 Westgate Shopping Center in Fairview Park. Read more.

    Many thanks to everyone who attended the major holistic fair July 16 in Westlake. Of the 230 who attended, 45 stopped in at my table, and 12 signed up for a drawing for a free or discounted session. Many people took a free focus test. Four people experienced hypnosis for the first time, and I enjoyed watching their reactions.
    One pre-COVID client came back for a tune-up. She entered a deep trance in just a few seconds. Her reaction when it was over? "Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful."
    There were about 40 vendors and 10 readers at the event. Each holistic event is unique. I hope you get a chance to attend one soon.

Sunflower Field

Discount Word-of-the-Month

    Heat wave - what else could it be? Just use that phrase when you call or e-mail for an appointment, and get a $10 discount.

Mark your calendar, catch me if you can!

    Aug. 14, My 17th anniversary of being certified in hypnosis. Help me celebrate. What can I do for you?
    Oct. 2, Psychic Fair, 11 am-5 pm, Party Center, Yorktown Lanes, 5218 Pearl Road, Parma Heights.
    Oct. 13, Health Fair, 11 am-1 pm, YMCA, 1575 Columbia Road. Westlake.
    Nov. 12, Holistic Fair, 10 am-6 pm, Unity Spiritual Center, 23855 Detroit Road, Westlake.
    Dec. 6, Schedule a trance, help me celebrate my 70th birthday. Expect the unexpected!
    Dec. 13, Holiday party, 5-7 pm, site TBA, sponsored by The Power of More.


Many thanks


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