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Exotic Holiday

February: Love others, love yourself

    February is American Heart Month, also called Heart Health Awareness Month.
    Hypnosis can help your heart health in many ways, including stress reduction. Stress adversely affects every part of your body, including your heart. Too much stress can kill you.
    On Feb. 14, we take time to celebrate our love for others, but every day, take some time for self-love. Sit quietly, meditate or try self-hypnosis. Relax, chill out, and listen to your heartbeat. It is an amazing organ.
    How hypnosis benefits the heart.
    DISCOUNT: When you make an appointment during February, use the Keyword LOVE to receive a $10 discount.
    Hypnosis has many uses, many benefits. More details.

A visualization for you to enjoy

    When clients enter my office for hypnosis, they often have a lot on their mind -- work, school, children, finances. It's no wonder they sometimes have a hard time focusing on hypnosis.
    I offer this visualization to bring them fully into the session.
    Thank you for coming to see me today. My office is a stress-free zone. When you came into this building, you left all your issues -- all your stress -- outside in the parking lot.
    Every breath you take, will relax you more and more. Every word I say, will take you down deeper and deeper.
    Imagine that you are on a beach of beautiful white sand. Lay down on your back. Close your eyes. Enjoy the warm sunshine. Feel the lake breeze. Hear the birds flying overhead. Smell the clean water. You are sooo relaxed.
    You have laid down close to the water's edge, and soon, you can feel the waves coming over your body. They always stop at your neck and shoulders, so your face is always open. You can always breathe deeply.
    Here comes the first wave. It comes all the way up to your shoulders, and then retreats back into the ocean.  As it retreats, it pulls out all stress, and carries it out into the water, far, far away. That feels so good.
    Here comes another wave, and the same thing happens. There is one wave every minute, and you lay on the beach for half an hour. That means 30 times, the waves washed over you, and carried away ALL your stress. You feel soooo good.

    Then, I start a formal induction. Some clients are already in never-never land, so I work to deepen the trance. Then, we begin working on the suggestions they want to hear, to make positive changes in their life.
    Did you enjoy that? I hope so. Why not call today to experience an in-person session, with special music, aromatherapy, and more.
    You can wake up now.


Keep Your Energy Flowing

    Recently, my left shoulder started to ache. Like most men, I ignored it. Then it hurt so bad, I could not raise my hand to comb my hair.
    For years, I have worn a watch on my left wrist. Now, I took it off immediately. Within 24 hours, I was pain-free.
    Let me explain.
    Many years ago, I watched a presentation by Donna Eden, a pioneer in energy medicine. Using volunteers on stage, she demonstrated how a disruption in the natural energy flow -- like a purse strap over your shoulder -- could make a huge difference in the strength of that shoulder. It was an eye-opening demonstration.
    Later that year, I developed a pain in my right shoulder. Every day, I carried my briefcase using a shoulder strap. Then I recalled Donna Eden, and started carrying my briefcase by its handle. Within 24 hours, the pain went away. No pills, no doctor, no surgery.
    Donna Eden has a free video on her Web site, with some simple things you can do daily to increase your energy. I recommend it. Watch the video.


Meet the NGH
Client Bill of Rights

Feb. 12
Plan to attend a holistic fair

                                             Talk to Jerome and                                                   other vendors 1-on-1                                               at the Color Your                                                     World Rainbow                                                         holistic fair from

10 am-4 pm Saturday, Feb 12, 2022, at the LGBT Center, 6705 Detroit Ave., Cleveland.

  • Enter a drawing for a free or discounted session.

  • See a demonstration of hypnosis.

  • Receive a low-cost mini-session of hypnosis at my table.

  • Take a free focus test.

  • Help celebrate World Hypnotism Day.

  • Stop by and leave stress-free.

The event, sponsored by Harmonic Journeys, includes holistic practitioners, energy healers, psychic readers, vendors, and speakers. You can buy alternative healing products to recharge your body, mind and spirit.


    As a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, I share a Client Bill of Rights with everyone I work with. It explains what I do, and what your rights are. Check it out.

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  • After her first Zoom session, Mary came out of trance with a big smile. "This was fun. I am really relaxed. I really liked not being able to tell where the mattress ended and my body began. I also liked the waves taking my stress far away." 

  • "To the world, you may be one person. But to one person, you may be the world." Jerry, You have a wonderful gift. Thanks for sharing it.


               Our hours are flexible

                   If you work days, no problem. Our                   last appointment starts at 7 pm. Let  us know what time works best for you.  Evening and weekend appointments are available as needed.

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Welcome to West Park

     Say hello to the new kid on the block. Julia Morris of West Park is a business owner and health coach. Gradient Health and Wellness Coaching LLC helps people with chronic conditions or fertility issues feel better by empowering them to take control over their own health, using a Functional Medicine approach. Learn more at her Web site.


Hypnosis Humor

Humor is a great defense against stress. Laugh at life as often as you can.
    Q: How many hypnotists does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: Only one, but the light bulb must WANT to change.
    Yes, it's funny, but it is also very true. For hypnosis to be effective, you -- the client --must want to change.

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