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Some thoughts to keep you strong in 2023

  1. The mind controls the body. You CAN control your mind.

  2. Use positive words. For instance: Your goal is not to quit smoking; your goal is to become smoke-free.

  3. Think big. Your overall goal is to live a long and happy life.

  4. Visualize success. Watch yourself win.

  5. The Law of Attraction works. Focus on what you want.

  6. You are never alone. A Higher Power is always with you.

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Remember peaceful times, and  recall them when you need to

    In 1996, my brother and I went backpacking for a week on Isle Royale National Park -- an island in Lake Superior. It was sooo peaceful.
     There are no motorized vehicles on the lsland, and most days, we saw 15 people or less. Everyone was friendly, but they all kept their distance. We were all there for the same reason -- PEACE. The nearest "civilization" was a 3-hour boat ride away.
    It was heaven.
    About a week after returning home, I had to attend a work-related meeting on Public Square in Downtown Cleveland. The meeting let out at 5 pm -- at the peak of rush hour.
    I stood on the corner for a minute, as cars, buses and people rushed by. The noise was overwhelming. For just a minute, I held onto a pole, and closed my eyes. I mentally transported back to Isle Royale. Despite the noise, my mind was at peace again. I smiled, opened my eyes, and continued on.
    I encourage you to seek out those moments of peace. Let those feelings and images burn into the hard drive of your mind, and recall them whenever you need to.
    May 2023 truly be a year of peace for you.

Please step into my office

    In-person sessions are offered near the Westgate Mall in Rocky River, from 10:00 am-noon and also from 3:30-5:30 pm, Monday-Wednesday-Friday. I offer Zoom sessions from my home office at flexible times during days, evenings and weekends, from 10 am-9 pm.
    To schedule a session, call 216-210-5504, send a note here or visit here.


Mark Your

Feb. 19, Psychic Fair, Parma Heights.
March 18, Holistic Fair, Westlake.
March 25-26, Your Soul's Purpose Gathering, Downtown.
May 6, Holistic Fair, Rocky River.
July 15, Holistic Indoor-Outdoor Summer Fair, Westlake. 
Aug. 14, The 18th anniversary of my certification.
Sept. 16, Holistic Fair, Rocky River.
Oct.1, Psychic Fair, Parma Heights.
Nov. 18, Annual Gratitude Holistic Fair, Westlake.

Other events may be added later. Details will be provided on my Facebook page for Hypnosis Time for Change.

Join us Feb. 19 at a Psychic Fair in Parma Heights

    I will be a vendor at a popular psychic fair organized by Melinda Carver Feb. 19 at a party center inside Yorktown Lanes, Parma Heights.
    Admission is free. Doors open at 10:30 am. Readings are available from 11:00 am-5:00 pm.
    While you wait for your reading, browse among 10-12 holistic vendors. Ask questions, pick up educational items, and take a free focus test at my table.
    If the noise permits, I offer low-cost trances at the vendor table. If the noise does not permit, you can join me in a Zoom small-group hypnosis session at
8:00 pm Feb. 21.


   Hypnotherapist Paul DiFranco can help you at the new facility in Middleburg Heights for Stella Luna Counseling and Wellness. Questions? Call Paul, 330-351-1604 or e-mail him.

Interested in a past-life regression?

How much do I charge?

In brief...

  • Victoria Gallagher of offers a FREE step-by-step course in self-hypnosis. I recommend it. Self-hypnosis is a valuable skill. Enroll here.

  • Heart is the discount word in February.  Use it when you make an appointment, and save $10. This is Heart Health Awareness Month, and hypnosis can help your heart stay healthy.

  • LIKE Hypnosis Time For Change on Facebook. It is filled with posts and videos about hypnosis and your health.

    People often ask this, but there are more important issues to ask about when shopping around. What is your training? How experienced are you? How many sessions should I plan on?
    Here are my rates, as of Jan. 1, 2023.

  • $55 for Zoom sessions, usually 60 minutes.

  • $75 for in-person sessions, usually 60-90 minutes.

  • $125 + mileage for a 2-hour hypnosis party in your home. A typical audience is 10 persons or so, but that is flexible.

    Clients with weight, sleep and smoking issues receive a link to a helpful recording, to reinforce suggestions for their goals. After a Zoom session, clients also receive an audio  recording of their session.
    If your ability to pay is an issue, let's talk.


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