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Celebrate World Hypnotism Day,
Attend on-line open house on Jan. 4

    Come Zoom with us to celebrate World Hypnotism Day.
    Jerome Masek and Paul DiFranco will be on from 1-3 pm Jan. 4 to speak about hypnosis, answer questions and give demonstrations. Paul has special training in regression work. 
    This FREE event is your opportunity to talk to a hypnotist, experience a trance, ask questions, and share past experience with hypnosis.
    Because it is Zoom, there is no guarantee of confidentiality. We will not delve into personal issues, but you can schedule a 1-on-1 session later.


    The event has a 30-person capacity. You are invited to "come when you can, leave when you have to."
    Register here with your name, phone and e-mail. Include any issues you want us to address, or questions you would like us to answer. The Zoom link will be mailed to you later.

2023: A great time to improve yourself

    Why not make this your New Year's resolution? How many times have you thought about hypnosis, but always put it off "until later"? Well, "later" has arrived. It's time to flip the calendar to a new year, and make plans for a new you.
    Remember, my goal is to help you reach your goal. If you have a hard time determining your goal, we can talk about it.
    You will have lots of opportunities to meet with me 1-on-1 in 2023. Here are some dates, mark them on your calendar now.

How much do I charge?

    The New Year brings my first rate increase in more than 10 years -- just $5 more per session. The new rates are:

  • $55 for Zoom sessions, usually 60 minutes

  • $75 for in-person sessions, usually 60-90 minutes

  • $125 + mileage for a 2-hour hypnosis party in your home. A typical audience is 10 persons or so, but that is flexible.

    Clients with weight, sleep and smoking issues receive a link to a helpful recording, to reinforce suggestions for their goals. After a Zoom session, clients also receive an audio  recording of their session.
    If your ability to pay is an issue, let's talk.


Mark these 

Jan. 4, World Hypnotism Day, free, Zoom,
             register here.
 Jan. 21, Holistic Fair, Rocky River.
Feb. 19, Psychic Fair, Parma Heights.
March 18, Holistic Fair, Westlake.
March 25-26, Your Soul's Purpose
                       Gathering, Downtown.
May 6, Holistic Fair, Rocky River.
July 15, Holistic Indoor-Outdoor Summer
              Fair, Westlake. 
Aug. 14, The 18th anniversary of my
Sept. 16, Holistic Fair, Rocky River.
Oct. 1, Psychic Fair, Parma Heights.
Nov. 18, Annual Gratitude Holistic Fair, Westlake.
    Other events may be added later. Details will be provided on my Facebook page for Hypnosis Time for Change.

Results speak for themselves

    Samantha cut her daily consumption of cigarettes in half, after just one session. Her goal is to become smoke-free asap.
    Calvin uses hypnosis via Zoom to better handle many life issues -- weight loss, a stressful job, and most recently, a possible divorce. He remains calm and continues to move forward.
    Diane says hypnosis via Zoom has made her more aware of proper food choices, and her sleep is improving.
    What are your goals in 2023? Allow me to help you achieve them.

Fist Bump

Want to drop some weight?

   Hypnotherapist Paul DiFranco can help you turn your weight loss resolution into reality -- for just $45. Sign up for two group weight lost sessions, from 6:30-7:30 pm, on Mondays, Feb. 6 and 20, at the new facility in Middleburg Heights for Stella Luna Counseling and Wellness.
    'Hypnotherapy can help you discover a new you in the New Year,' he said. "We’ll help you ease into balance in all three areas of yourself and feed your subconscious mind your suggestions for a new you! If you are truly willing to make a transformation, you can accomplish anything in your life!"
    Seating is limited to allow more attention to each client.
    Questions? Call Paul at 330-351-1604 or send him an e-mail.

Webinar can put you on the right path


Explore hypnosis with me on Jan. 21

   Please join me at a holistic fair Saturday, Jan. 21, from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM at the West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church, 20401 Hilliard Blvd, Rocky River. Admission is $5.
   The event includes Holistic, Metaphysical and Spiritual. Visit with vendors 1-on-1. Speakers will give informative presentations every hour. You can also pay for a psychic reading.
   Stop by my table to take a free focus test, learn about hypnosis, and enter a drawing to win a free or discounted hypnosis session. If noise permits, low-cost mini-sessions will be offered.
   And, you can meet my good friend, Denise DiSalvo. She is teaching classes in January on Living as a Soul.
   Life is challenging, and our souls cry out for the safety of gentleness, where we feel loved and happy. If you are looking for inspiration or practices that promote peace and joy in the new year, then Denise is someone you'll want to meet. Read more here.

    Many of us are on journeys of self-discovery. This Web site offers some ways to help you on that journey.
    Another way is to join an Edgar Cayce-sponsored Webinar at 8 pm Jan. 26 with Master Hypnotherapist Linda Thunberg. The Webinar can help you start the New Year right. Get clear, get motivated, and get moving towards the life you want and deserve.
    Register here, and show your intention to be different in life in 2023.

In brief...

  • 2022 was a good year for The Jerome Group LLC. Read more about in our annual report.

  • A NEW START is our discount phrase this month. Say it when you make an appointment, and receive $10 off.


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