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July 16: Come to the holistic event of the Summer

    I will be one of 30+ vendors at a major holistic event, an Indoor/Outdoor Summer Festival, from 10 am-6 pm Saturday, July 16, at Unity Spiritual Center, 23855 Detroit Ave., Westlake.
 I invite you to stop at my indoor display to:

  • Discuss your hypnosis questions 1-on-1.

  • Register to win a free hypnosis session, or a discount on your first session.

  • Take a free focus test; it's fun.

  • Experience a mini-session of hypnosis at the table, depending on noise levels.

The event, sponsored by Harmonic Journeys. will be held inside the center and on the beautiful church grounds.
     For a  detailed list of vendors, speakers and activities, go here. Psychic readings will also be offered.

Sea View

Summer is for traveling, hypnosis can help

    Several years ago, a client asked me to help prepare her for a trip to Europe. When she returned, I received this note.
    "I used the techniques you taught me to relax multiple times and sleep better, before and during my trip. The techniques were, for the large part, very effective."
  "I only had a few times when my anxiety was over the top, when I had to travel alone. But it all worked out, of course. You were absolutely right about doing as much preparation as possible when you can, so the day before I walked the route to the train station and saw where to buy the ticket. I arrived early and avoided any last-minute confusion. We had a great time. I am glad I challenged myself to do this."
  NOTE: This person challenged herself to expand her horizon. I am glad I could help.


Guided Imagery


New site, new hours, same hypnosis service

Use Guided Imagery to achieve your goal

    First in a series: waves on a beach.
    When clients enter my office, there is a lot on their mind. I start with this visualization to help them focus on our session.
    Sit back and close your eyes. Imagine that you left ALL your issues outside in your car. My office is a stress-free zone. Your bedroom at home is also a stress-free zone, and all your issues are elsewhere.
    imagine that we are on a remote beach of beautiful white sand. It's so peaceful, so calm. Lay down face up, close to the water's edge. Listen to the waves. Hear the birds flying overhead. Smell the ocean. Feel the warm sun all over your body. Life is good. Relax.
   You are close to the waves, and they sometimes cover your body. The waves ALWAYS stop around your neckline. Your mouth and nose are able to breathe normally. Each wave, and each breath, relax you more and more.
    Here comes the first wave, SWISH. It feels so good. And now, as the wave retreats back into the ocean, it pulls all your stress with it. Your stress and worries and issues are dropped off 100 feet from shore, never to return. It feels sooo good.
    This continues for half an hour, and there is about one wave every minute. So, after about 30 waves take all your stress away, you are calm, relaxed and totally stress-free. Now, you are focusing on my voice, and on the music. Our hypnosis session is ready to begin.
    Next month: Our journey continues.

    Reminder: I now see hypnosis clients in offices at 2 sites. All sessions are by appointments.
    ROCKY RIVER: 10 am-6 pm Monday-Wednesday-Friday at Westgate Tower, east of the Westgate Shopping Center.
    WEST PARK: Evenings and weekends on the first floor of West Park Massotherapy, 1/2 mile south of Kamm's Corners.
    To schedule an in-person or Zoom session, contact me, send e-mail, or call 216-210-5504. You will receive an e-mail confirmation with exact directions.

Crossing the Finish Line

Watch Yourself Win

  10 years ago, Jason Womack wrote this in a publication on leadership. It was good advice then, and it's even better today.
    If you picture a perfect day, you just might have one. Visualization is the key to success. Bosses should spend time imagining their Ideal Day, in which every meeting goes smoothly and every deal goes according to plan, to help achieve their goals.
    "When you adopt this practice and begin to see portions of imagined Ideal Days come to pass, I assure you, the benefits become evident."
    NOTE: I have included this because visualization is key to hypnosis. Always imagine that you have won the race, and you are well on the way to achieving your goal.

Stressed Man

How can hypnosis help me at work?

    This month, someone asked me that. Here is the answer.
    "Every person has unique issues, but there is one we all share -- STRESS. When we are stressed, we eat more, smoke more, sleep less, and are less productive at work. Hypnosis can help reduce those effects. We sleep better, our health improves, and we are more productive at work. I look forward to the opportunity to talk with you about your workplace."


Discount Word-of-the-Month

As we celebrate Independence Day this month, FLAG is our discount word this month. Mention FLAG when you make an appointment in July, and get $10 off.

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