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I now see clients in West Park AND Rocky River

Because of a rent increase by a new owner, I had to move from the office I used since 2017. I now see clients at two locations. Having these two offices makes it easier to meet your scheduling needs.

  • Rocky River, Mon-Wed-Fri, 10 am-6 pm. I rent space in Suite 148, Westgate Tower, just east of the Westgate Shopping Center. The room is located within River Chiropractic and Wellness.

  • West Park, evenings Mon-Fri, and 1-5 pm, Sat-Sun. Our host is Marilyn Valentino LMT, owner of West Park Massotherapy, a respected business in the Kamm's Corners area since 2000. She has graciously invited me to share her office and massage space on the first floor.

 All sessions are by appointment only. Contact me on my Web site, e-mail, or at 216-210-5504.

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June Focus: Dads, Grads and Vacations

    In June, we honor all Dads and Granddads in our lives. And families everywhere pile into station wagons for cross-country trips. Hypnosis has a place in each scenario.
    Give your Dad or Grad the gift of wellness. During June, all Dads and Grads receive a $10 discount on their first hypnosis session. $60 pays for a complete session. Gift certificates are available. Contact me here.
    A hypnosis session is also wonderful mental vacation -- something the Grads will welcome after final exams week.
    Another idea: Give a gift certificate for a massage. I recommend Marilyn Valentino at West Park Massotherapy.
    Let's not forget vacations. Getting ready to leave for 1-2 weeks can be rushed and stressful. So can returning to an office stacked high with unfinished projects. Let hypnosis dissolve your stress, so you can REALLY enjoy your family time.

Copy of Copy of Purple illustration testimonial instagram pos (1).jpg
Copy of Copy of Purple illustration testimonial instagram pos (1).jpg
  • Thank you for the terrific session yesterday I really feel good about it, and am positive that it worked for me. Today, I woke up and lost 1 pound. It’s not much, but it’s put me under 190, which I haven’t seen in 4 months!

  • I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I certainly did! Still smoke-free. God is doing for me what I could not do for myself.

  • Thank you Jerome. There is no desire to smoke. I was around smokers last night and was not triggered to smoke at all.

  • I am doing good. Still feeling motivated. Thanks for checking in. I am definitely not eating as much.

  • The weight loss recording you gave me was fantastic.

    There is no room in my life for any negative emotions. Things like worry, stress and fear are no longer part of my life. I will surround myself with peaceful people and peaceful emotions. They will help me through each day.

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Meet Elaine Connelly,
a special person

Hardware Tools

A new tool for you

    I recently began subscribing to a free online resource, Daily Motivation. I have been posting the daily mental health advice and affirmations on Facebook, with great feedback from those who follow me. I encourage you to check it out.

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          At Hypnosis Time for Change, we put            a lot of effort into making our Facebook page useful for you. Please Like it and Follow it for up-to-date hypnosis news, educational items, helpful health news from the world-famous Cleveland Clinic, and quotations to inspire and motivate you. There are multiple posts every day.

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    Elaine Connelly's expert holistic advice has helped me with several health issues. I am pleased to introduce her.
    Elaine provides integrative health consultation and energy healing services for adults, children, and pets, both locally and long distance.
    Elaine has many credentials listed after her name. In conversation, I refer to her as a great holistic nurse,  
    She teaches how to integrate traditional western treatment modalities with lifestyle wellness approaches for health recovery and disease prevention. 
    The energy techniques she uses are intended to identify and address imbalances that may contribute to ill health and disease. These include the Emotion Code, the Body Code, Quantum Biofeedback, Applied Kinesiology, and BEMER Therapy.
    As a Nikken Independent Wellness Consultant, she relates the benefits of creating a “human greenhouse’ for your body using the water, sleep, nutrition, and energy product technologies.
    Wealth & Wellness Journey Inc., Web site, e-mail, 440-478-4073. 

Discount Word-of-the-Month

To learn more about hypnosis...

    June is a great time to enjoy a walk in the woods, so HIKING is our discount word this month. Mention HIKING when you make an appointment in June, and get $10 off.

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