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How a small, empty jar can save your life

    If you are a smoker and would like to quit, read on. A small, empty jar could save your life.
    Look around your kitchen for a peanut butter jar or a like size. Put about 1/2 inch of water in it, and set it aside.
    When you are ready to become smoke-free, collect your ashes and butts, toss them in the jar, and close the lid tight.
    The water and ashes will turn color and give off fumes.
    When you have a nicotine craving, remove the lid and inhale fumes from the jar.
    Yes, the odor may knock you over, and it will definitely reduce the cravings. Take a good look at what's happening inside the jar. That is also happening inside your lungs.
    For more help in becoming smoke-free, contact me. You can also look online for help. And look forward to the day you can throw that jar away.

Yes, I make house calls

    Last month, I was invited a private home in North Olmsted, to talk with seven women about life issues. They were seeking relief from stress, anxiety, problems at home and issues at work. They sought peace and improved sleep. We talked and tranced for more than an hour. As I left, I realized it was a win-win situation -- a positive exchange of energy. I felt good, and so did they. Based on feedback, they really enjoyed the evening, and said they slept great that night.
    Gather some friends, and I'll be happy to visit your smoke-free home, too. Just call me or send e-mail. I greatly enjoy these events.

March 18: Visit a holistic fair in Westlake

    You could win a free hypnosis session if you stop by my vendor's table March 18, at a holistic fair in Westlake. The event runs from 10 am-5 pm at the Unity Spiritual Center; admission is $5.
    The event includes more than 30 vendors, 12 readers and presentations all day. At 1:15 pm, Denise DiSalvo will share thoughts about self-love and her new business, Soul Awareness Coaching. I plan to attend that one. You may also be able to meet hypnotist Paul DiFranco at a display for Stella Luna Counseling and Wellness. Paul is trained in regression work.
    As noise levels allow, I will do trance work at my table, for a goodwill donation.

Step into my office

Soul's Purpose.png

March 25-26: Attend a Downtown event

    On Saturday-Sunday, March 25-26, I will present a group hypnosis experience for persons who attend a major hypnosis event Downtown. And, on Sunday, March 26, I will meet visitors one-on-one at my vendor display. As noise levels allow, I will do trance work at my table, for a goodwill donation.
    Your Soul's Purpose Spiritual Gathering, will be held from 10 am-6 pm each day at Red Space, 2400 Superior Ave. $11 admission for the weekend. The event includes readers, healers, spiritual coaches, more than 30 vendors, presentations, a salt cave experience, a place for peaceful meditation, and more.
    On Saturday, Denise DiSalvo of Soul Awareness Coaching will share the booth space. Please stop in to see her.


Catch me if you can

    I network a lot. When I am out and about, we can always talk about hypnosis. I hope to see you soon.
    March 9: 5-7 pm, Fairview Tavern, with the Fairview Park Chamber of Commerce. I am a member. Also 6-8 pm, PJ McIntyre at Kamm's Corners.
    March 23: 5-7 pm, Bistro 83, with the Power of More Chambers.
    March 30: 4:30-7 pm, Slyman's Tavern, Independence.



    In-person sessions are offered near the Westgate Mall in Rocky River, from 10 am-noon and 3:30-5:30 pm, Monday-Wednesday-Friday. I offer Zoom sessions from my Home Office daily, between 10 am-9 pm.
    To schedule a session, call 216-210-5504, send a note here or contact me here.


Let us welcome Dr. K to our newsletter

    Dr. K, a popular holistic practitioner, has graciously agreed to share her vast knowledge in this newsletter from time to time. We thank her. She welcomes your questions at 216-584-8449, or via e-mail.

   Victoria Gallagher of offers a FREE step-by-step course in self-hypnosis. I highly recommend it. Self-hypnosis is a valuable skill. Enroll here.

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