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Palm Reading

What is a hypnotist doing at a psychic fair?

    From 11am-5pm on Sunday, Oct. 3, you are welcome to talk hypnosis with me at a Psychic Fair in the Party Center at Yorktown Lanes, Parma Heights. Enter a drawing for a free session.
    I am a vendor, not a psychic. This popular event includes 10 readers and about 10 vendors. Some vendors are holistic practitioners, some have items to sell.
    You can purchase a reading, and browse vendor tables while you wait. I hope to see you there.
    I have worked with several psychics. They have all shown remarkable abilities to go into deep trance and make positive changes to their life. I greatly enjoy their company.


Are you weak minded?

    Myth: Only fools can be hypnotized, because they are feeble-minded and gullible.

     Fact: Because hypnosis requires concentration, the best clients are usually the most intelligent of the population. It is almost impossible to hypnotize morons, imbeciles, psychotics or severely detached persons. The greater the intelligence, the better the subject.

Enjoying Outdoor

The mind controls the body, and you CAN control your mind

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One client's experience
with hypnosis + Zoom

Louis and I starting working on his goal several months ago. As often happens, he gained other benefits along the way.

  • Lost 30 pounds, and wants to lose at least 30 more.

  • Improved sleep habits of "early to bed, early to rise."

  • Finds time to walk, run or go to a gym regularly.

  • Reduced alcohol consumption.

  • More aware of what he eats, and when he eats.

  • Greatly reduced carbohydrate intake, and has good portion control.

  • Finished a 5K race.

  • Less stressed while working remotely, despite a promotion that increased responsibilities.

Louis has stumbled a few times, but we always found a way to stay on track. He has a great ability to focus on his goals. I salute him.

    This headline is a basic foundation of all hypnosis. Once you establish a strong mind-body connection, it is like a superhighway. When you visualize success, you can accomplish almost anything.
    A new client, Kasey had spent hours watching YouTube videos about hypnosis and the power of positive thinking. Years ago, those videos helped her become a cancer survivor, as she visualized her body being cancer-free.
    After our first in-person session, she woke up smiling and laughing. Why? "Because this is so much FUN!" Kasey now enjoys riding down that strong mind-body highway. The more she uses it, the stronger it becomes.


    I plan to attend networking events at 5:30 pm Oct. 7 in North Ridgeville, and at  5pm Oct. 12 in Avon Lake. If you want to attend these events, or meet before these events, click here.

    CANCELLED Oct. 21, 2021, Power of More Business Expo at Market Square in Crocker Park, Westlake.

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"Thank you so much! I feel incredibly relaxed and much more calm than I have in a long time. Our session was right before an annual event that is often stressful for me. Our timing was great; the event worked well for me. I feel that I've received a large benefit already from your services. Thank you! We'll see what happens next. I will be in touch!"

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