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Client loves Zoom sessions

    A client in Columbus loves our Zoom sessions. He always experiences a deep trance, but even more so this week, when I used a new induction. He came out of trance, looking around the room to get his bearings again. "That was really intense," he said. "I could see myself playing with my children. (one of the things we discussed) I feel like I have been in trance for 2-3 days." It was actually 30 minutes. I stayed with him for awhile, to make sure he was fully oriented again. He works at home during the pandemic, and had to dive right back, as soon as possible.

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Surrender of Will

    Myth: Hypnosis is a surrender of will. You will “submit” to the power of hypnosis.

    Fact: Hypnosis is a condition of trust and cooperation between you and the hypnotist. It is not a clash of wills. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The ability to be hypnotized rests with you. You cannot be hypnotized against your will. You are always capable of making decisions. You are always in control, and can never be made to do anything against your will.  You are the engine. The hypnotist is the steering wheel.

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Use post-it notes to achieve your goal

    Someone once advised me to write down my goals, and keep the list in my wallet. I did, and found it there several years later. I never looked at it. Out of sight, out of mind.

    A better idea is to use post-it notes, and change them each month.

    Let's say your goal is to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke each day, from 10 to 5.  Put a bold "5" on post-it notes. Stick them to your dashboard, computer screen, bathroom mirror, refrigerator door, and anywhere else you think of.

    If anyone asks about "5", just smile and keep moving forward. It means nothing to them, but it means everything to you. Those post-it notes can help you become smoke-free.

    Next month, reduce the "5" to a "3" and soon, to '0".


    Do you like to entertain, but want something difference at your party? I have something unique to offer -- hypnosis parties.

    It’s clean, affordable fun that will benefit and amaze all who attend.

    All I need is a COMPLETELY smoke-free environment, and an area that is pet-free -- no barking dogs, no cats jumping up on your lap.

    An ideal audience is about 10 guests in a private home, or more, if you have a party room in an apartment building.

    I don't do stage hypnosis, but I do want you to have fun, and learn more about hypnosis and the awesome power of your own mind.

    After a brief, funny talk about hypnosis, we handle your questions. Then I either pick one person from the audience, or work with a client I bring with me.  I demonstrate waking hypnosis tests, put the client into trance, and work with him or her for 10-15 minutes.

    Then, everyone in your group gets to experience hypnosis, with general suggestions that can benefit them

    Everything is flexible. Just tell me what you want -- what you really, really want.

    Click here for more info. You can wake up now.

    Sept. 30, 2021, 8 pm, Michael Oddo performs comedy and hypnosis at The Funny Stop, Cuyahoga Falls. Sign up for a free newsletter, and qualify for discounted tickets.    

    Oct. 21, 2021, NEW DATE, 3-6 pm, Business Expo, Market Square, 239 Market St., Crocker Park, Westlake. Visit with 100 high-quality local vendors. Sponsored by Power of More. FREE admission. Stop by my hypnosis table, register for a free session, or win a free hypnosis party at your home.



Five years ago, I offered a complimentary session to a friend who was at a low point in her life. She said she would pay me when she could. Now she can, and she did. She has a good job, has just finished her doctorate, and has found love. She wrote to me. "You helped me when I needed it most."


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