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Holistic practitioners: This one is for you

If you are a holistic practitioner looking for office space, read on. 

    New owners of a 100-year-old building near Kamm's Corners have agreed to allow us to fill the lower level with holistic professionals. We must act fast! We need to find tenants by May 1, or this space could go to others,
    The space, which could be marketed as West Park Wellness, includes 4 offices (140 sq ft each), a reception area, and a restroom. Convenient free parking. Office space can be shared. Flexible hours.
    Interested? Send e-mail to, with OFFICE SPACE in the subject line, or text 216-210-5504. I respond the same day to all inquiries.

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    "It was like I was there, but not there, both at the same time. There were white marble stairs. I wore a lilac-colored long dress and pearls. I liked the elevator ride. On the beach, I could feel
my stomach getting smaller and smaller. It was interesting when you drained the stress from my body. I know now that my ex has no power over me. I give the session an "A". When do I come back again?"

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Holistic Fair set for April 2

    Visit our table to learn about hypnosis at a holistic fair from 10 am-6 pm Saturday, April 2, 2022, at the West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church, 20401 Hilliard Blvd., Rocky River. Enter a drawing for a free or discounted hypnosis session. Experience "waking hypnosis." Take a free focus test, Enjoy a low-cost mini-session, and leave stress-free.
    The fair, produced by Harmonic Journeys, includes vendors, holistic services, readers and presentations. Admission is $5. Parking is free.


Questions You Asked


The Sound of Music

    A total of 93 persons stopped at my vendor's table on March 6. They asked some questions.

    Q. When I am in trance, what will you make me do?
    A. I will not "make" you do anything. When we work together, we first discuss your goal. When the trance begins, I make suggestions that help you reach your goal. They are suggestions that you WANT to hear.

    Q. How long will I remember the suggestions?
    A. You may remember the suggestions for a long time. The real question is: How long will they be effective? That varies with each issue, and each person. For major changes, such as becoming smoke-free, or eating better, more than one session is often needed.

    Q. We are getting married. What can you do for us?
    A. Several things. 1). Weddings can be stressful, and hypnosis helps the couple relax and enjoy their special day. 2). Brides may want to lose a few pounds to look better in their wedding dress. 3). If you want a unique bachelorette party, talk to me. I will tailor hypnosis to your needs. and 4). If you want to dance divinely at your wedding, West Park Massotherapy offers private lessons. Call 216-671-6080.

    The music you listen to can greatly affect your mood, your stress level and your productivity at work. My recommendation: Google "relaxing piano music" and you will be amazed at how many free choices you have. No lyrics, just soothing music. They can play in the background at your home or office, and you will be better because of it. Enjoy.

Pink Blossom

Discount Word-of-the-Month

    This month's discount word is SPRING. Mention SPRING when you make an appointment in April, and receive a $10 discount. I look forward to meeting you.

Meet me at these events!

    April 2-3, 10 am-6 pm, Gift of Light Expo, Arts & Crafts Building, Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds, 19201 E. Bagley Road, Middleburg Heights. $10. I plan to visit vendors April 3.

    April 5, 5-7 pm, Networking event from the Power of More, at GK Custom Polishing, 1215 Lear Industrial Parkway, Avon. No RSVP, no fee. Bring your business cards.

    April 19, 5-7 pm, Networking event from the Power of More, at X-Golf, 35948 Detroit Road, Avon. No RSVP, no fee. Bring your business cards.


To learn more about hypnosis...

1.    Sign up for an informative e-newsletter.
2.   Visit our Web site.
3.   On Facebook, LIKE our page at:
      Hypnosis Time for Change.
4.   Schedule a $20 consultation in my office          at West Park Massotherapy, 4168 Rocky          River Dr., or via Zoom.
5.   Call me, 216-210-5504.

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