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Benefits of Hypnosis on Zoom

    There are many benefits to hypnosis sessions via Zoom. For the hypnotist, there are no travel costs, no travel time, and sessions can easily be recorded and shared with the client.
    Many clients relax more easily at home, sitting in their favorite chair, in their favorite room. There are no travel issues, no stress from driving. They can reach a deep trance level, and listen to a session recording often.


Points to consider before the Zoom session

Because of the distance factor, there are steps every hypnotist must take to ensure client safety at all times. I practice in accordance with guidelines adopted by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

  • Leave your cell phone on vibrate, or low volume. If there is an Internet service disruption, I will call you.

  • Give me the name and number of a neighbor or relative to call in case of an emergency.

  • Tell me your street address. In a life-threatening emergency, I will call 911 locally. They will connect me to 911 in your area.

  • Ideally, you use a laptop or mobile device that has a camera and allows me to see you at all times. We start by talking. When it's time for you to relax, there should be a couch, recliner or bed close to your mobile device.

  • If outside noise is an issue, consider using headphones or ear buds. You need to focus on my voice.

  • Our session should be free of interruptions. Others in your household should be aware of your need for privacy. Move your pets if needed.

  • For your safety, turn off the stove/oven. Extinguish candles and cigarettes.


  • Fee: $55 per session for one person.

  • Venmo preferred:  Wait for an invoice from @ Jerome-Masek

  • Check: Make payable to The Jerome Group LLC, 19560 Puritas Ave., #132, Cleveland, OH 44135-1084. Other methods can be discussed.

Learn more about Zoom and Hypnosis


During the pandemic, on Feb. 11, 2021, FOX-8 Cleveland aired a story explaining how Zoom hypnosis works. Watch video now.

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