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Would you like to have a hypnosis party at your

house or apartment building party room?

It’s clean, affordable fun that will benefit and amaze all who attend.


What I need:

  • A smoke-free indoor environment.

  • An area that is pet-free. I can't have dogs barking, cats jumping up on your lap, or chirping birds. I love those things, but not during a trance.


What you need:

  • The ideal audience is about 10 guests if we are working in a private home, or

  • 20-30 guests if we are in a party room of an apartment building.

In either case, I need enough room between chairs so that I can stand beside every participant.



  • 1-10 guests – $100. More than 10 guests, $10 per person. Plus $20 to drive outside Cuyahoga County.


What you get:

  • A 2-hour humorous, educational demonstration.

  •  I start with a brief talk about hypnosis. Questions welcome.

  • Then, I work with a guest, or a client whom I bring with me.

  • I demonstrate waking hypnosis tests, put the person into trance, and work with him or her for 10-15 minutes.

  • I then invite the group to experience hypnosis. We do an induction and session, with general suggestions that everyone can benefit from.


Everything is flexible.

  • Let me know where you live and what you have in mind. We can work together.

  • AND you now have the option of adding a brief chair massage for each guest, or a psychic reading. They will visit your home. See me for details.

  • Click the green button to the right to email me.  I look forward to working with you!

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