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1-on-1 In-Person Sessions

Most clients in Greater Cleveland opt for 1-on-1 in-person sessions. We are seeking new office space to rent in the West Park area. Until that is set, we offer hypnosis via Zoom sessions, and in some cases, make house calls. Zoom sessions have proven to be very popular.

Interested in an appointment? Use the contact form, or call 216-210-5504. With flexible hours, we work to meet your needs. After we agree on a date and time, you receive an e-mail confirmation.

How to Prepare for a Session

  • Wear comfortable clothes.

  • Be on time. If your plans change, call me.

  • Allow two hours for the appointment. We don't want to rush because you have to be elsewhere.

  • Both offices are ADA accesible. In Rocky River, clients use an anti-gravity chair with a 260-pound limit. In West Park, the anti-gravity chair has a 330-pound limit. If these are issues for you, let me know.

  • Smokers, please refrain from smoking right before your appointment.

  • Turn off your cellphone. I need your full attention. 

What to Expect
    Prepare to be pampered with soft lighting, special music, and an anti-gravity chair that supports every part of your body. The temperature is always comfortable.
     Hypnosis, a very enjoyable experience, is a time for healing, a time to rid yourself of old, negative baggage. It's okay to get teary. There are always tissues close by.

    There are four parts to every confidential session -- Talk, Test, Trance and Tidy-up. 


  1. Talk, or pre-talk, can last 45 minutes. We review the Client Bill of Rights, and discuss hypnosis for your issue. We proceed only after all your questions are answered.

  2. Tests, also called "waking hypnosis", help gauge your focus, imagination, and how well you respond to suggestions.

  3. Trance: Lasts 30-60 minutes. Soft music picks up on the beat of your heart and guides you into relaxation. Guided imagery and direct suggestions introduce you to the trance, as suggestions help you reach your goal.

  4. Tidy-up helps you wake up fully. We discuss homework (yours and mine), schedule another session, and handle the payment -- cash, PayPal, or a check made out to The Jerome Group LLC.

After a Session
    You receive an e-mail with a summary of what we discussed, and a phone call to discuss your progress.
    I am available to support you as long as you seek help.

My goal is to help you meet your goal.

These photos show a client during pre-talk, and during a session. They were taken for marketing purposes, with the client's full knowledge and consent. In return, she received a complimentary session, and yes, she met her goal! (Photos by Dawn Tarka)

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