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When God closes a door, he opens a window

    On Oct. 1, West Park Massotherapy moves to 3886 Rocky River Dr., Suite 2.
That's just a few blocks from 4168 Rocky River Dr., where it has operated for
22 years.
    That's good news for West Park. Owner Marilyn Valentino LMT has attracted
a large and loyal following by offering exceptional customer service and
professional massages at competitive prices.
    However, the move temporarily leaves me without office space in West Park.
I continue to look for a small room to rent, preferably in an ADA-compliant
building near Kamm's Corners. I need access on evenings and weekends. Stay tuned. If you know of such a space, please contact me.
    I continue to see clients by appointment only in Suite 148 at the Westgate Tower Building, 20525 Center Ridge Road, Rocky River. I rent a room there from River Chiropractic and Wellness, which was recently named Best in the West by Cleveland Magazine.
    HOURS: 10-11:30 am and 3-6 pm Monday-Wednesday- Friday. I continue to offer hypnosis sessions via Zoom, hypnosis parties in the home, and stress relief for employee wellness programs.
    CONTACT ME: Call or text 216-210-5504, send e-mail to, visit Hypnosis Time for Change on Facebook, or on the Web.

What am I doing at
a psychic fair?

Listening: the first step
in hypnosis

     From 11 am-5 pm on Sunday, Oct. 2, you're welcome to talk hypnosis with me at a Psychic Fair and Mini-Expo in the Party Center at Yorktown Lanes, Parma Heights.
     Enter a drawing for a free or discounted hypnosis session. Experience "waking hypnosis." Take a free focus test. Enjoy a low-cost mini-session, and leave stress-free.
     I am a vendor, not a psychic. This popular event includes 12 readers and 13 vendors. Some vendors are holistic practitioners, others have goods to sell. You can purchase a reading, and then browse vendor tables while you wait. I hope to see you there. You may want to try reiki.
     I have worked with several psychics. They have all shown remarkable abilities to go into deep trance and make positive changes in their life. I greatly enjoy their company.

    My goal is to help you reach your goal -- but what is your goal, REALLY.
    On Zoom, Michelle asked me to help her become smoke-free. She had many stressors in your life, as well as poor sleep, and turned to cigarettes to help her through the day.
    First things first, we worked to improve her sleep habits and reduce her stress. She is a wonderful client. We will address her smoking issue later -- if she still has one, Very possibly, as her sleep improves, she will cope better with stress, and cigarettes will just fade away. She know she does not need them anymore.
    Her reaction after a 20-minute first trance?
    "Wow, this is great. I feel really amazing. I love the beach, and the feel of the waves washing over me. When we visualized that, I just wanted to run out into the water. Later, as we walked down the stairs, I could see myself wearing a red evening gown with long white gloves. Wow, when can we do this again?"
    Zoom is great for hypnosis. Michelle lives 691 miles away.

Learn self-hypnosis,
it can help you

    Victoria Gallagher of offers a FREE step-by-step course in self-hypnosis. I recommend it. Self-hypnosis is a valuable skill. Enroll here.


Save the date

Nov. 20 - Holistic fair, 10 am-6 pm, Unity Spiritual Center, 23855 Detroit Road, Westlake. I'll see you there.   



Discount Word-of-the-Month

May I help you at your
private event?

    I am happy to help make your private event a success. This month, a local group invited me to participate in a show to help their employees and clients learn about hypnosis. At other times, I have given speeches and demonstrations to civic and professional groups, or provided stress relief sessions to factory employees. Whatever you need, please let me know.


Please follow us
on Facebook

    The discount word is TEN. October is the 10th month, and TEN often stands for a perfect score. Hypnosis can help you become a TEN in your life. Say the word when you make your appointment, and receive a discount.

    Hypnosis Time for Change has its own Facebook page. Like us for daily tips on health and hypnosis.


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