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Check out this
summer event

    Harmonic Journeys has put together an indoor-outdoor Summer Holistic Fair from 10 am-6 pm Saturday, July 15, on the beautiful grounds of the Unity Spiritual Center, 23855 Detroit Ave., Westlake.
    This unique facility is near I-90, just west of Clague Road. The grounds include a labyrinth, and a meditation garden and music and drum circle. Some vendor displays, as well as some presentations and a music and drum circle, will also be outside.
    The event includes more than 35 vendors, at least 6 readers, 4 outdoor presentations, and 6 indoor speakers.
    Also inside, there will be at least one vendor display to help you explore hypnosis. As noise levels permit, I will offer affordable trances to those who stop at my table.
    For a complete list of vendors, click here.

Head to the State Fair
for world-class hypnosis

Try hypnosis via Zoom,
or host a party at home

    Hypnosis Time for Change offers two services.
    1-on-1 hypnosis via Zoom has grown in popularity since the pandemic began. If you do not own a laptop with a camera, we can also connect using Facetime on a cell phone.
    If you like to entertain, you may want to consider hosting a hypnosis party in your home.
    All services are affordable, and by appointment only.

    If you plan on attending the Ohio State Fair
July 26-Aug. 6 in Columbus, check out the top-notch hypnotists they offer every year.
    Ron Diamond -- one of the best stage hypnotists I have ever seen -- usually puts on two shows a day, from July 27-Aug. 1.
    A second hypnotist has not yet been named.
    All shows are family entertainment, included in the price of admission.
    David Anthony of Cleveland will also perform magic every day of the fair.

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Looking for me?
I'm not hard to find

Looking ahead...

    The next newsletter will be published around Sept. 1. We have at least three more all-day marketing events planned -- Sept. 16, Oct. 1 and Nov. 18. Other events may be added.

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